• Nicholas Hall

Why you shouldn't do your own plumbing?

Updated: Mar 4

We have all been guilty of thinking we can do bits around the house to save some money or get them done quicker, in some cases its true. Just ask my Misses about the time she lost her engagement ring down the plug hole and to the sink waste apart to retrieve it before it was lost for ever. It was dramatic in the moment but a simple enough fix.

Now days you may feel as though you can teach yourself anything, especially with the internet making information and tutorials so readily available. However, there are somethings that are better left to the professionals. For example, yes you can most likely repair that dripping tap, but you might want to get a professional in to install a new one, after all you want your hot and cold the right way round, don’t you? (You’d be surprised at how often this happens).

You may be tempted, especially in the colder weather to try and replace that radiator that’s been on its way for a while, only to find that when you hang the new one, your heating is no longer working. Suddenly you have a created a bigger issue for yourself, as you now need to figure out why your heating isn’t working properly and what would have taken a professional a couple of hours has now left you with at least a day without heating whilst you wait for a plumber to arrive. You’d be surprised how common air locks and other issues are after people have removed rads for the purposes of replacing or whilst decorating.

In many cases the right kind of professional will be willing to give you advice over the phone, and they will advise if attendance is necessary, for example if your boiler is showing an error code that suggests the condense has frozen, We would suggest thawing that before we consider charging for an attendance. Similarly, we are happy to talk you through basic things like topping up the pressure in your heating system, however if the issues are reoccurring, we would prefer to attend and diagnose the root cause.

If you are ever in doubt, or feeling brave, about trying to do something yourself its always best to give a professional a call first and it doesn’t cost you anything other than your time.

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