Central Heating Powerflush

Do you know the build-up of contaminated water in the central heating system is a one of the biggest factor for boiler breakdowns? A Powerflush is an answer for keeping your boiler health. It is an effective way to give your central heating system a deep clean and maintain the quality of your heating water.  

If you spot the cold spots on your radiators, particularly at the bottom or noisy radiators and boiler, radiator leaks, cold radiators but hot pipes or any unusual signs, our gas engineer can always come to check. No call out charge! You know your boiler is in safe hands

Why Do I need a Powerflush for my boiler?

 Having a regular boiler maintenance is a crucial to a smooth running system. In our experience, you may only need a flush once every five years or so and it has significant benefits for energy saving in your home which mean results in lower running costs. 

radiator problem.jpg

How do we cost and work?

 The cost of Powerflush to a central heating system will be determined by the number of radiators and the size of your property and it usually take an average of 1 day to complete. Our qualified gas safe engineers are skilled in performing Powerflushes and will help you diagnose whether your system requires a Powerflush or not.  Give us a call or get a free quote.