• Nicholas Hall

Do I need to fix a dripping tap?


We’ve all heard it, that sound of those tiny drops of water on porcelain. You look closely and see the next drop of water forming on the edge of the faucet. The sinking feeling of realisation that you have a leak.

Leaks of any sort can be expensive, they have to be investigated, thats a labour charge, what if parts are needed? You are now paying for materials and then there’s the impact on your water bill.

Whilst a dripping, leaky tap can be easy to ignore, they aren’t always easy to fix. With multiple possible causes such as, broken, degraded washers, limescale, faulty cartridges and busted O-rings. It takes time to determine the cause and identify the appropriate solution, of course you could just choose to replace the tap but if the cause of the leak was limescale you’ll be replacing it again before long.

If you find yourself wandering why your tap is leaking it is best to contact a reputable plumber to carry out an investigation and recommend an agreeable solution that suits your budget and solves the problem.

We understand how stressful it will be if you have leaking pipes, damaged taps, blocked toilet and want to find a quick local plumber, we are here! Our qualified plumbers will talk you through what you can do to minimise the damage before we can get to you. In the meanwhile, we will be with you shortly and that's promise!

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