• Nicholas Hall

What to check plumbing before moving into the new house?

Buying a house is never easy and rarely straight forward, whether a new build or an older property there are a few factors to take into to consider before agreeing to take on a property. In the FAQs below we will explain some of the key things to consider when looking at a property’s plumbing.

Sink, Taps and Toilets

Easy things to check are Sink, Taps and Toilets. Run the tap to ensure the sink drains fully and quickly, also check below the sink for leaks. You’ll also want to ensure that the tap fully closes, a dripping tap can cost a fair bit of money on your water bill in the long run. Next up is the Toilets, make sure they flush fully and drain properly, you’ll also want to make sure the cistern fills up correctly and there is no water dripping into the bowl.

So, you have looked at the things you can easily see and test, what about the things that you can’t? Like the pipes that are buried in the wall or running through the ceiling. It's time to look for watermarks, large damp patches or stains on walls, ceilings and floors are key indicators that there is water coming from somewhere it shouldn’t be. Whilst looking out for watermarks be sure to check for dampness and mould.

If the thought of a leak terrifies you, you’ll want to make sure the property has an operable Stop Valve that will allow you to isolate the water supply to the entire property. You’ll want to know where this is located and make sure it's operable. You should also check for isolation valves on the property’s appliances such as showers/baths.

Next up you’ll want to check the water pressure as this will impact the quality of your showers and how long it takes sinks and baths to fill. We discussed how to test water pressure in last week's post, please refer to that if you want to find out how to work out the pressure at a property.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and if you have any doubts please contact a plumber to carry out a survey, it's worth the peace of mind.

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