• Nicholas Hall

What is general plumbing?

When you think of plumbing your first thought is most likely to be of those two Italian brothers with the rather interesting facial hair and fondness of Mushrooms. Closely followed by the sound of dripping water, a puddle, and the sudden realisation that something is leaking.

It’s understandable that you only really consider what a plumber does or what’s involved in plumbing when circumstances require you to contact a plumber to fix something. However, this needn’t be the case, Plumbing covers a wide range of work, involving both fresh and wastewater. A plumber needs to be quick thinking and knowledgeable about a multitude of issues that can arise within a property whether it be getting water flowing again or stopping it from flowing where and when it shouldn’t be.

There are some key basics, that everyone, not just Plumbers should be aware of, so in an emergency, you can make sure you are safe until a plumber can attend. Perhaps the most important thing to be aware of is Isolation valves, these are a lifesaver in a leak as they allow you to isolate the water supply to a particular appliance or in the case of the main Internal Stop Valve, commonly referred to as the stopcock Isolate the supply to the entire property, which is useful if a leak is putting you at risk of flooding.

Another thing that is good to be aware of is traps, as these are probably the most common cause of blocked sinks and can be easily rectified by removing the trap, cleaning it out and reinstating it. Of course, if you aren’t confident in this please contact a reputable plumber who will happily attend and carry out the work for you.

( From bathroom repair / refurbishment to change taps, leak repair, pipe unblocking, pipe fitting installation , shower installation / repair, tap installation / repair and basically if it has anything to do with the water in your home)

From Installing a plumbing system to maintaining an xisting one there is a lot involved and a good plumber will be experienced and knowledgeable in how to keep water flowing through your home.

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