• Nicholas Hall

How often should I power flush the central heating system?

Power flush that is. You’ll remember in some of our previous posts we have discussed the benefits of having your central heating system power flushed. We also looked at signs that your system may need to be flushed. But sometimes these signs can be missed and much like an MOT for your car or a physical for yourself. Its nice to have a rough idea of how long to wait between flushes.

A benchmark for power flushing the system is when it has been installed for around 5 years (Think of this as an approximate halfway point in the boilers lifespan) After the first flush if the system is still going, which is a highly likely possibility with the correct maintenance and care, you would be looking to flush again 5 years after the initial flush through and when the boiler is approximately 10 years old.

Of course, if you notice signs that your system would benefit from being flushed before it reaches 5 years of age, such as radiators not heating up properly etc. Then the best idea is to contact a qualified heating engineer who will be able to best advise.

A power flush when carried out correctly and at the right times can largely increase the life expectancy of your system meaning that you are less likely to need to face buying a new boiler in the near future. Much like a car your boiler needs regular upkeep and maintenance, and a power flush is a great way to ensure your system stays clean and working efficiently.

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