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Is Power-Flushing worth it?

Higher gas and electricity prices are already making life difficult for many households and we are expecting to see our energy bills increase to more than £700 per year from this April according to Ofgem.

As energy prices begin to soar, Finding ways to make utilities more efficient and affordable is at the forefront of a lot of people's thoughts. There is one way you can potentially save money and more energy efficiency for your central heating system.

A Power-flush, a deep clean of your central heating will allow your system to run more efficiently and therefore potentially cost you less in energy bills. If the whole system is showing signs of bad circulation or you notice more than one of the signs above then a Power-flush will be worth the money you pay.

As a qualified gas engineer, I have included a few other reasons you may want to consider having a Power-flushing for your central heating system:

  • Lower household energy bills

  • Better quality of heating and hot water

  • Quieter heating system

  • The radiators warm up quicker

  • Help increase the lifespan of your heating system.

  • Reduces the likeliness of the boiler breaking down.

At Nicholas Hall Heating, gas and plumbing, we are running the central heating spa day promotion from 7th - the midnight of 28th Feb 2022. £50 off for your central heating Power-flushing spa day.

When you see how a Power-flush could benefit you, it is worth considering reaching out for a quote or a visit to see what your benefits would be, don’t you think?

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