How much does a Powerflush cost?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Costs vary depending on the size of your central heating system and how many times chemicals will need to be flushed through the system. In general, a regular central heating system powerflush will cost roughly from £300 for a small house with less than six radiators. The cost will increase roughly by £20-£45 for each additional radiator you add. Any qualified gas engineer would be able to quote on a case by case basis.

Who should perform a Powerflush?

We cannot stress out how important that you should always ensure a professional carries out your boiler system. A qualified Gas Safety engineer is recommended for a proper / professional Powerflush. There is no regulation / laws stating that a Powerflush must be performed by a Gas Safety engineer but a simple mistake in boiler by unprofessional will worser what it did before. In worse scenario, you might need to replace entire boiler system. Therefore, a qualified Gas Safety engineer is what we receommend for this job.

How does a Powerflush work?

Like the name suggests, it involves flushing the system using a pump and chemicals to remove the sludge. The engineer will connect a pump to the system, either at the pump head on a on a combination boiler or at the circulation pump on a heat only boiler. The chemical that the pump flushes through system works by removing the sludge and rust.

It also contains a descaling agent which will help remove any limescale, and when complete a corrosion inhibitor is used to stop the build up from occurring again. In cases where the system is too clogged up to be treated with chemicals alone, an engineer may use a specialised tool to 'hammer' the outside of the radiators to loosen the build up so it can be carried away and collected by a magnetic filter connected after the pump to stop it re entering the system.

How long could it take?

The average household system takes about a day (6-10 hours) to complete a flush, depending on how bad the system is. The time a flush takes, also depends on the number of radiators there are and the size of the system.

A proper good Powerflush is necessary for your central heating system and prolong your boiler life. There is no need to do it every year but ideally have it done every few years.

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