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Get 10% discount
on boiler repairs


A Pre-Christmas gift from us for your boiler repairs. if your boiler experience the following issues, let us take care of it:

  • Boiler leaking

  • Low boiler pressure

  • Carbon monoxide alarm going off

  • Error codes

  • No heating or hot water

  • Hot water but no heating

  • Frozen condensate pipe

  • Boiler not responding to thermostat

  • Hot water doesn't work but heating does

  • Boiler won't turn on (No power)

  • Boiler not heating water enough

  • The boiler works, but radiators won’t heat up

In Nicholas Hall Heating, Gas and Plumbing, we are specialized in Gas boilers of all shapes and sizes. All work is carried out by a qualified gas engineer ONLY.

No Call-Out Charge

Same Day Response

Local Gas Engineer

The promotion is open from  from 25th Nov to midnight 23rd Dec 2021. To claim 10% discount Pre-Christmas Gift, you will need to book during the promotional period. Our work covers Essex and Suffolk area. UK

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Boiler Repair 10% Discount

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