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Which is the right Worcester Bosch combination boiler for me?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Worcester Bosch is one of the best UK brands for its boilers and they are dedicated to delivering homes with efficient heating systems. As a qualified gas engineer, I would recommend anyone who is thinking to replace their boiler with a new Worcester boiler but choosing the right boiler can be a daunting task.

There are different models, each with different outputs in energy. The energy output is referred to and measures in kilowatts (KW) This will need to be calculated according to the number of radiators in the property and your hot water demand.

To give you a rough idea most flats, apartments and small houses with 7 to 10 average-sized radiators and 1 bathroom will require a 20kw central heating output.

Whereas a larger 3-4 bedroom house with around 15 average-sized radiators, 1 bathroom and possible ensuite* would require a 28-34kw combi boiler. For larger houses, with 20 average-sized radiators or more, and 2 bathrooms* Worcester Bosch now have a combi boiler that goes up to 50kw.

If your property has good pressure and flow rate from the taps, you may only have 7 radiators but to achieve the full potential for the hot water, you may require a 35kw combi boiler to meet this demand.

*Combi boilers do not cope well with 2 or more taps open, so if you have 2 bathrooms and wish to use them simultaneously then a combi boiler is not for you. However, there are other options available to you.

Worcester Bosch offers several different combi models that will suit each household individual needs. The Greenstar 2000 comes with a 6-year guarantee when fitted with any Greenstar filter and is their price competitive boiler with a central heating output of 20kw.

The Greenstar 4000 comes with a guarantee of 7 years or 8 with the Greenstar filter and can achieve 24kw central heating output. This is their mid-range boiler fitted into most households.

Worcester Bosch’s, top of the range for wall-hung combi boilers is the Greenstar 8000. The standard guarantee for this boiler is 8 years and when fitted with the Greenstar filter is an impressive 10 years. Meaning you have a decade of peace of mind. The central heating output ranges from 30-35kw with up to 17.9 litres per minute flow rate at 40℃ (Greenstar 50kw combi boiler).

So it’s vital to find the right one to suit you and your lifestyle. Each heating system needs a custom design. Do not hesitate to book a home visit and get a free quote. As one of the best boiler specialists in Essex, we are ready to answer every related question.

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