• Nicholas Hall

How much is the new boiler fitted?

When the inevitable time comes or you have made the decision to replace your boiler one of the questions you will ask yourselves is "how much will that cost".

Trying to decide which make of boiler you wish to purchase can sometimes be difficult. Many people wish to replace their current boiler with the same make while others will go by recommendations of others or reviews they have read online. Some of the leading manufacturers of boilers are Worcester Vaillant, Baxi and Ideal.

With each manufacturer comes multiple models that fit different types of consumers no matter what type of system you have. The power output can depend on the size of the property as well as how many people are living there and the number of bathrooms within the property.

The average installation cost of a new boiler from a qualified gas engineer can be from £1700.00 including parts and labour. This can depend on how much work is required and the controls and components needed to make your property more energy-efficient.

Sometimes if you are going for a straight swap this can be more straightforward than if you were converting to a conventional system or vise versa.

You will find that any plumber (along with other trades) can work on installing pipework, radiators and such. When it comes to installing boilers I insist you use a qualified gas safe engineer. Without the required training, and installation could cause extreme danger to you and your property.

Always ask to see a Gas Safe engineers card and number, if you are still unsure, you can look them up on the Gas Safe website.

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